About Us

Hi! I'm Kelly, and I own Kourageous Studios!

For Christmas 2016, my partner got me, among other things, a nice little journal with a harry potter spell written across the front. STUPEFY! I'm a stationery hoarder, and I hate starting any kind of notebook without knowing it's going to be worth it. I talked to some people and stayed awake at night thinking about what I could do for weeks until I realized that I have all these creative ideas floating around in my head and no outlet for them. Just like that, Kourageous Studios was born. 

I started researching resin jewelry and had some initial trouble which resulted in it being shelved for some time, and I dived head first into my first semester at university. As soon as the semester finished and I was on break, everything came flooding back again, except during the intervening months I'd discovered bullet journalling! Resin was added to my list of things to explore, but not sell, and I spent some research and development time on stickers for journals and the like.

Printing and production are in my blood as I've grown up in a family owned and run business centered around these very things. What you see in my shop now is, with your help, the beginning of something huge. 

That's where I'm at right now, for Kourageous Studios at least. Outside of that world, I have an incredible family, an exceptional partner in love and life (that comes with his own fabulous family!) and stunning friends and colleagues. I work part time in graphics/production with my family,  as well as teaching art to 5 - 12 year old children. I'm studying Primary Education at uni and hope one day to be a world changing influence in the classroom of the children of our country. 

My journey is only just beginning, will you join me? The only way to go is outward...